From "Once I Was a Washing Machine: The Working Class Experience in Poetry and Prose"
1989 The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers
ISBN: 0 906411 02 5

Blue Rhapsody

Jazz players farted and burped
With horns that shone candle flames.
We sat sipping hot froth
And talked about you and me.
Well, mostly me.
I got serious.
Talking art,
Improvising solos
Of well-phrased breaks
Staring rudely at your beauty.
Pretending to play it cool
In front of your sidemen.
We smoked our Marlboros.
Well, your Marlboros.
I got serious
And fantasised a little
As the room lost focus
We were somewhere else
Making rhythm.
Blowing like pros.
Fingering our horns
And savouring the hot froth.
We played like heroes
In a dream that woke
As we shook hands and went home.
Well, you went home.
I got serious.

Michael Burgess 1989