Academic essays: 1995 to 1998
  • A Discussion of Karl Popper's Critique of Karl Marx. was a college essay orginally posted on the web by a university in Ireland. They must think I'm some kind of intellectual.
  • Character and point of view in the film From Dusk Till Dawn (dir. Robert Rodriguez 1996) is a college essay that fans of Quentin Tarantino seem to appreciate.
  • The view of society we get from the novels of Evelyn Waugh
  • Self-identity of a cyborg: I am Frankenstein's Monster
  • Bergson's theory of comedy and the extent to which it concurs with Aristotle's and other theories
  • "Internetism": the Print Culture's Conceptions of the Internet was the hurried dissertation I wrote in May 1998 for my bachelor's degree in journalism. Basically, it predicts a new creature called the blogger will put a lot of journalists out of work.