• Botha hear the young lions roar! was an article I co-wrote in the late '80s for Non-Stop Against Apartheid. The serious story of a young activist's torture in a South African prison may be undercut by the polemical flourishes of my Trotskyist co-writer. But she was the subject's sister and I was indebted to her for the material.
  • Beyond Bedlam was a book review commissioned by the literary magazine, Ambit, in Spring 1998.
  • The profile Back Hill's hidden history was written in February 1998 for London College of Printing's newspaper, the Back Hill Reporter.
  • Battle of the space cadets was a film review for the Back Hill Reporter.
  • Standard global satire was a review of Andrew Martin's novel "Bilton" for the Back Hill Reporter.
  • London Institute Students Union published a magazine called Blue which commissioned a 2,000-word article about "electoral fiascos". My Pluggers, stuffers and personators was used as raw research for the rambling sub-gonzo piece that Blue subsequently published.
  • I wrote a monthly diary column for a trendy, if short-lived, magazine, called D-TOUR, which was available in various London nightclubs. All three episodes can be found here.
  • How to get laid on the internet was written in fall of 1997 for the first edition of Genie, a magazine intended for UK students.
  • Those .exe files in full was the second feature written for Genie magazine in fall of 1997.
  • Hurricane? Business as usual! was a color piece in Non-Stop Against Apartheid that drew complimentary mail from African readers.
  • Photos as weapons was an art review commissioned by The Leninist before its editorial board denounced me as hostile to communism.