Internet toolbox

Web browser: Firefox / Microsoft Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator / Opera
E-mail client: Eudora Light
FTP client: Filezilla is a Windows application that's ideal for File Transfer Protocol (FTP). For many years, we used to struggle with WS_FTP.
IRC client: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) allows you to chat in real time. It's handy for getting instant technical advice in a crisis. Or you can socialize, debate, hook up with sleazy people in your locality. Watch out! IRC can be addictive. mIRC is best for a PC or Ircle works O.K. on a Mac.
FAX: Receive faxes in your e-mail by signing up with J2.
Download drivers: Archos (external drives, mp3 players), Iomega (zip drives, tape drives).
The slow way to find music on the Internet: LimeWire lets you download all those tunes you remember from your youth, without paying a cent in royalties to the corporations that own the rights to dead musicians' work.
Time synchronizer: AtomTime Pro is a Windows application that connects to the Atomic Clock time server in Boulder, Colorado (USA) via the Internet.
Streaming media: You either love RealAudio or you hate it. It runs well on most PCs and lets you listen to live BBC news and comedy shows etc. However, it has been known to crash a Mac.
ICQ You can install ICQ if you can spare the RAM for a little window to pop up when one of your buddies wants to chat with you via keyboard. Sometimes it's a handy channel of real time communication during a complex project. But it you have a headset, download Skype and talk for free to anybody anywhere.
Customizable browser startpages: Sometimes it's handy to be able to find all your bookmarks and headlines when you're using somebody else's computer. Excite or Yahoo offer customizable home pages you can log into.
Learn HTML: HTML Code Tutorial; HTML Content Reference List by Name; HTML Goodies; W3Schools; Zen and the Art of the Internet
Free e-mail account: Everybody should have an account with Hotmail or Yahoo because you never know when your own e-mail account will go down.
Your own free Web site: Angelfire, Geocities and Tripod are OK if you don't mind carrying ads on your Web pages.
Reduce the size of your image files: An Image Optimizer lets you easily optimize your gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs, so they load as fast as possible on your site. DYNAMICDRIVE allows you to easily convert from one image type to another. Upload Size limit: 300 kB. This blog offers a list of the best tools to create graphics, charts etc:.
Create text banners for your Web site: 3D Textmaker
Code your color scheme: The very handy Color Manipulation Device is now freeware. Download it and paste the Serial Number: CMD-774-27456-3502-QNX and it's yours. Use it to create the tags that define the text colors and background colors on a Web page.
A shorter URL for your Web site: TinyURL makes long URLs usable. More than 28 million of them. Over 600 million hits/month. Or you can use http://easy.to/REMEMBER/ if you want the URL to be memorable.
Announce Your URL Everywhere: SEO = Search Engine Optimization. There are also some helpful links for webmasters at Jimtools.com